Manual Grease pump,WLG Series,Tank 300 cc

• Easy to be operated by pushing the handle down for oil feeding.
• Small size and easy for installation.

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Product Description

ปั้มจ่ายจารบีแบบมือโยก  / Manual Grease pump,WLG Series

Code : WLG-D5-2


Grease pump manually by the use of a single tube system, it does not require the return pipe, the pipe can be simple to get excellent results.

Grease lubrication advantages:

1, because the grease lubrication method is simpler than light oil lubrication or lubrication, they are able to make low-cost piping.
2, due to the relatively smooth lubricating surface adhesion, it is not only the amount of oil supply, but almost no excess oil leakage or contamination of the ground.

Grease lubrication conditions:

► After installing the pipe to the oil ministry were unable to implement frequent inspection and maintenance work for many reasons, do not need to replace the use of oil, due to the cooling effect is less, so the sliding velocity smaller place, a place to produce high temperature, and can not prevent cutting or grinding powder when mixed or contaminated debris and other foreign matter, and bearing a large batch.
► With butter to light card # 0, # 1, # 2, or about the fluid nature of the butter can be.

Specification รายละเอียด

* Outpet (cc/st)  : 1.0
* Discharge Pressure (kg/cm2 ) : 100
* Effective Vol (cc) : 300
* Outlet Dia (PS) : 1/8″ PS
* Pipe Size (mm) : Ø 6
* Outlet Points : 1P
* Weight น้ำหนัก : 1.2 kg

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Advantages of Lubrication with Grease
* Permitting piping of low costs because of the execution of lubrication being simpler than oil lubrication or otherwise, lubrication treatments.
* Permitting an oil feeding that is just right in respect of amount because of smoother connection between the lubrication surfaces, thereby preventing leakage of redundant ot surfeit of oil feed that would other wise contaminate the fround.
* Lesser entrainment of dusts or foreign materials to the oil feeding inlet.
Requisistes for Lubrication with Grease
* Replacement of oil in use not required after installation of piping network wherein a lot of ispection and maintenance works.
* Where sliding speed is less and high temperature prevails due to lesser cooling effects.
* Clearance of the bearing should be greater where infiltration of or contamination by foreign materials such as chips of machining or dusts.
Weight 1.2 kg

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